Goa in Hyd

Hey Fam!

I explored a new place in My city Hyderabad. It gave me such Goan feels . It almost made me feel that I was IN Goa, sitting in a hippie tribe kinda shack except for missing out on a sea view.

I don’t know why it took me so long to explore this place but I could only wish I visited this one before so that it’d safely be placed as my favourite hangout in the city and also I would do all my meets here.

What I loved the most about this place is it’s interiors and specially the seating arrangement outside it.

The entire vibe here is sooo Goan! It absolutely goes with my vibe. Colourful, happy, hippie and free spirited. It sure did make me feel like coming back here again and again.

You can just laze around here, play some board games or cards, have good Goan food, have drinks of your choice. They also offer some great detox juices and energy shots for the health lovers.

Well, I did enjoy my afternoon here, journaling some stuff, munching my fabulous ‘butter garlic prawns’ and sipping a yumm ‘

And according to me, ‘hippie’ness has something that opulence can never and of course vice-versa. I’m putting up pictures, so they do more of visually describing this place than I do.

From Goa, with Love! I’ve been here turning my Friday into Friyaaay! ♥️

And after being here, it did gave me major craving for a vacation. I’ve been to Goa just a couple of months ago but I cannot wait to plan my next trip soon.

If you’re in Hyderabad, running daily errands and keep having wanderlust often like me and if you’re someone who loves Goa or it’s hippie vibes, then you much come here and take a mini getaway over a meal.

And to whovever owns this place or made this in Hyd, I feel you and your love for Goa just as much. ♥️ You’ll have done a fantastic job!


Pranavi V Rohith

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