To all the “Friends” I loved before

Dear Fam!

In the rapidly growing world that we’re living in, what keeps us grounded, happy & eternally greatful is our loved ones. Be it friends or family or relationships, they’re non monetary but we can feel and love touches us at the rock bottom.

Now you’ll must be wondering “Why?” Why on earth do people say such good things while the truth is that… Well check it for yourself! (Now Look ay these heartbroken writers spilling gospel truth)…

The “wondering why’s” ones

The “self pity” ones

The “game changers”

The “too much” sad souls

“Partially true, partially” not ones

MENTAL HEALTHCARE is as important or if I can add to it is more than physical health. If our physical health tends to go for a toss because of as they warn alcohol or smoking or many other reasons, mental health definitely goes for a toss because of toxic humans, or rather toxic actions.

The basic nature of humans is great, everyone is awesome! But being ‘good’ is overrated & causes pressure. But ‘depression’ on the other hand is too underrated.

I love what guru Gaur Gopal Das once stated in an interview “To aspire to be postitve is the most negative thing you can do, to accept even the negativity is the most positive thing you can do”. It touched me so deep like nothing ever before, I could soulfully connect & resonate with his statement.

In this age when the spiritual gurus are emerging from some corner everyday (like the fake stylists/influencers with no REAL work to do), spread so many things about ‘being positive’, it has to be imbibed IN us, not infused.

Everyone, everywhere is or wants to be manipulating everything. Workplaces and doing well in careers has become more like putting ourselves into wolverine packs. So much happens in the world of run for bread & butter. But most of it we do, is to keep our basic necessities & our loved ones covered on it all so that we can be leading a comfortable life. But apart from family, we also form other relationships & friendships, few of whom will turn out to be an extended family too.

We trust them so much that we share all our whereabouts with them, sometimes things we can’t discuss with family as well. We think they’ve got our back, no matter what. We give them our time, love, care, food, money, do them favours & more and why won’t we? We called them “ours” for a reason, right? But Hey, watch out! Are they doing it all for the deserving or right people? Well, it’s hard you find the answers right away, but only time will tell.

With respect to the people who break our hearts, it’s not always the love stories that rip us apart, if someone is heartbroken it doesn’t necessarily has to be because of the opp sex. It can very much be friendships too.

We give them utmost space and love them literally with all that we have. But in return, you’ll have a very few lasting until the very last.

We frame friendships at every stage in life. Kindergarten, School, college, workplace, neighbourhood, parties & these days social media.

Real friendships are rare, most are done for selfish reasons. Not many people care about you unless you’re either rich, successful or beautiful. To be naive will be long lost in the process of ‘growing up, the constant hustle’.

These so called ‘friends’ will leave you when they get better fun elsewhere, someone who pays their bills now, when they get a partner, or just when they think they get busy at work.

None is ever too busy for anyone and it’s high time we get this straight. If someone flips the way they were once to you or called you a BFF once and is now generalising you like everyone else in their life, then you need to understand something’s fishy. Ways to deal: 1. Talk to them (it’s useless most times), 2. Realise you’re not important to them anymore, walk away, 3. Ignore & keep the terms good (despite the heart break).

The most successful & honest friendships are those that’ll stand still no matter what! It sure goes through doubts, arguments, little gossips, taunts, tantrums, emotional turmoils, heart wrenching fights, blame games & so many things. It’s more than any other relationship ever will. True friendships rise above it all. So high that they’ll not have to ever look back at lows, if they do, it’s only to laugh at how childish they were doing such.

The good people often get their hearts broken the most is absolutely true. But that doesn’t mean you become allergic to relationships or stone hearted.

People do break our heart. None dies without getting their heart broken. It’s normal, it’s human. We need to accept this. The only saving grace will be to not give yourself that much to them. The deeper you love, the harder you get hurt. So beware!

You can never assess if someone’s friendship towards you is true until the very end. Friendship rule ‘the longer it lasts, the truer it gets’.

If someone (for any bs selfish reasons) want to walk out, let them go!

On that note, all through this I never said true friends don’t exist. That pretty much brings me to the conclusion. True friendships/relationships exist very much. Just because some idiots broke your heart doesn’t mean you generalise everyone & becomes cold hearted. If you do that, you’re going to miss out on so many beautiful souls & moments.

Live fully, just learn to let go off shit, take chances, forgive & forget, live with no grudges or baggage. TRUST ME, it’s all worth it in the end. If it’s hard, learn! Everything’s hard at start level, as you learn it gets easier. That’s how you live a carefree & happy-go-lucky life!

To all the “friends” I loved before… Despite you showboating more and existing little in my life, leaving it all in the middle with no clearance of air in the room but smiling at times, using my success but not being very happy about it, backstabbing without even knowing me, for never having guts to talk at my face… I still very much love you, I will always! What’ll you’ve done to me or other damages, I did it coz your my friend, little did I know you’re not worthy of my hard earned stuff. You taught me so much in life, made me a wiser, stronger & cautious person. I will forgive & forget, if you mean it anytime. I hurt you or you hurt me, these petty feelings should fall too small in front of the beautiful feeling friendship is. And if it indeed is true, then we owe each other a roller coaster lifetime with each other in it.

P.S: my klan is better than yours wink

Yours truly,

Pranavi V Rohith

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