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Hey Fam,

If you’re following me on my social media, you must’ve come across the posts regarding an institute named “Ira”.

Also my inbox was flooded with questions about the prospects, kind of courses we offer, if this is my own venture or not and a lot more. It’s almost not possible to reply back each one of you considering I do multitask on different projects simultaneously. But I would love to elaborate it to you all, so I decided to do a write up.

IRA is an institute that offers courses of different areas, most of which are creative and artistic, the fields that not many people talk to you about while growing up, the subjects that aren’t often considered “mainstream” in our society, the careers that people don’t encourage you to pick but will give you a massive applaud in case you succeed, ones that you feel soulfully satisfied pursuing, careers that help you write or re-write the history. Hence the name, “Unorthodox”.

We live in a world that’s rapidly expanding, in terms of technology and many other aspects. I’ve always had huge respect for those people who love doing their desk jobs or any jobs in their respective fields for that matter. Engineering or Medical sciences being the most popular of them all, it’s amazing if you make your careers in them post your bachelors or masters degrees if you REALLY love doing it. Desk job is good in many ways, it helps you sustain & generate regular income, gives you stability as well. But the question is, “Is that what you really wanted to do in Life?” If yes, you’re doing great, keep going! If no, then “it’s high time you stop to kill more time doing what isn’t meant for you!” It’s time to think, and it’s never too late to start doing what you truly Love. Time being the most powerful tool, Life’s too short to waste it in the rat race, spending the entire life suffering with the battles between your heart and head & then regretting it all in the end. Definitely not worth it!

“It’s better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s with perfection”. -Bhagavadgita

“Any form of art is a form of power. It has impact, it can affect change- it can not only move us, but makes us move”.

This insititute is set up entirely for a unique set of passionate people. With Unorthodox aspirations, to those who truly aspire to inspire & to those Phoenixes (uniquely remarkable in some respect) who shall arise with the right guidance.

We are here up with something awesome to happily help you grow!

Now talking about different set of humans, there’s a set who loves their job, there’s a set who don’t, but there’s also a set who are capable of multitasking or rather confused.

Well, I feel “jack of all, master of none” doesn’t really apply to all those who multitask. There are people who do exceedingly well, are also successful and are capable to happily multitask. You just need to have clarity of thoughts and the right game plan to achieve it. (Little bit about me) Like my Instagram Bio says “Life’s about using the whole box of crayons”. I’m a sucker for variety in Life & feel delighted multitasking.

We’ve designed our courses in ways that most of the working folks, students, house wives, entrepreneurs or anyone for that matter can happily attend.

Have a goal? Confused? Love art forms? Want to break the monotony/orthodoxy? Love to multitask? Love making new friends? Want to be a part of a happy-go-lucky community? Love exploring randomness? Or just love to learn various subjects and grab knowledge?

IRA Institute Of Unorthodox Courses is the education cult you’ll need to join in!

We are currently taking off our first batch in Blogging, Social media hacks & the art of Film making

Our vision / Other courses we offer:



Positive thinking/how to train your mind

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Blogging & YouTube


Film making


Script/book writing

Fashion designing

Fashion Styling

The art of Parenting

Soft skills

Public speaking

Makeup/Grooming tutorials

Health & Nutrition

General Psychology


… and a lot more!

We are also open to your suggestions & in case your idea is not a part of our vision but you really want to learn it & if that suits our aesthetics, we would love to add such in!

Join the revolution & register yourself in the first batch to avail & enjoy the early bird bonuses.

Oh yeah, you can also expect guest lectures by the ace & veterans of the respective courses walking in to do their knowledge transfer, share their stories & motivate you the right way!

And to the rest of your questions, yes this Institute is very much MINE! For all who welcome this venture with open arms, it’s OURS now!

Join now!

Yours Truly,

Pranavi V Rohith


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