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Dear Fam,

The moment we hear or see “Museum”, most of us start to feel nostalgic. The earliest memories we can recall at Museums will probably be with our grand parents or parents, they’d plan our visits to museums because that’s where our minds tend to get curious, excited, absorb, learn & grow, all at once. And yes! That’s exactly what a museum can do to you. Bonus inspire you to fetch your mind think in different ways and expand the horizons.

Thats how precious and beautiful Museums are!

But growing up, we gradually slow down visiting museums because we start to feel they’re boring, old school and think they are not-so-cool anymore. Well, that’s a total misconception.

Growing up is a concept that should never stop. Either at 6 or 60, we need to have a constant need to grow each day, each moment & count on life full of experiences, to blossom!

As you all know by now about the love affair I have with Goa. Not just for the beaches, nightlife, shacks & water sports. But for the culture, heritage & creative minds there.

If you’re visiting Goa anytime from now on, do the off beat and add this wonderful “Museum Of Goa” in your to-do list. Trust me, it’s a place you’ll NOT regret going to.

The first time i visited this place was in March’ 2016 and I instantly fell in Love! As you step in, your surrounded by all the brilliant contemporary/modern Art around. To learn or know more about the place, art work there and the master mind artist behind all the things you see at this Modern Art Museum, you can go into the mini theatre and watch the documentaries. You’ll fall deeper in love with MOG soon after it when you’ll know the amount of hard work and thought process that went into each piece there.

Mr. Subodh Kerkar, he’s an amazing human, a master mind, super creative and topping it all, he’s a man ahead of his times is what I felt after watching his AV(s). And very effortlessly his work speaks! I’ve been admiring his work since then.

The art work will sure amaze you!

Every single thing there is so stunning Fam, I’m not even kidding. You’ll end up spending atleast a couple of hours there.

In the past two years I visited Goa multiple times & in every visit I made sure I go MOG.

Recently I’ve been there in September’2018 with my husband dearest who’s not much into art. He’s a technical person & I’m the creative one even professionally. But despite being the Techie head he is, he loved the place! Now I leave it to your imagination about how beautiful everything at this place is.

This time I could spot some amazing work by Mr. Siddharth Kerkar as well. He is a young amazing artist who puts up things together in the most unexpected ways to make his art a notch up.

Like this one 🙂

And the new MOG Art Cafe! How awesomely things were arranged using very simple material and techniques is what makes this cafe stand out. Food was super scrumptious too!

I love how the teal detailing is imbibed in colour vibrancy of this cafe. After having a nice experience at the Museum, do not miss to have some food, grab a beverage & unwind for sometime at the cafe.

By now you all got an idea about how the Art here is. Now a big shoutout to the museum store. There’s a cute store just at the entrance, I recommend the cold pressed hand made soaps, face packs and bath salts here.  They’re Amazing! I bought them and can’t wait to have my hands on more! Everything natural and very good for your skin. I also bought a badge & few postcards to gift my friends.

MOG is a soulful experience! Visit this place for all the great reasons & get an experience to cherish, look back and spark a sweet smile in life.

No matter how much I try to tell you guys my experience there, I can never do justice to how gorgeous it is in real. One can only understand by paying a visit. There’s so much to see and feel that I cannot express in a blog. The best I can do is to let you know the honest things I felt. Do visit ”Museum Of Goa” every time you go Goa. Feed your soul with some great experiences.


Pranavi V Rohith



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