Go. Goa. Gone! #3

Hey Fam!

I’m sure you’ll got it by the title, yes!

My third and last day apparently. This day, we decided to start the day early because we had to organise few bookings, work and then pack the bags as well. I knew some work had to be done, the cup noodles I bought from our fun super market shoppings came to our rescue(The hotel kitchen wasn’t open that early in the day).

We ate in the balcony with fresh air, birds chirping, lake view and palm scapes. It was so gorgeous in the morning that we left our luxurious room behind and spent working outside it. Post that we got ready and headed to Museum of Goa (a detailed blog coming up about this place). But what made me so excited that day was when my husband decided to swap the car for a bike. I already mentioned to you guys how I love riding bikes on those roads! Thanks to him for that little leniency. Yaay.! Happy smiles sparked up !

The ride to MOG from our hotel was about 30 minutes.

Had some inspiring great great artistic fun there. There’s a new cafe next to it, snacked some food there. I would recommend pasta to you all & you can swiftly skip the lemon teas or coffees.

Also shopped very cute things there. It was almost evening by the time we finished chit chatting in the cafe & playing around in the museum. Then we got on the bike to go to Arambol Beach (heard a lot about it and is on my list next time, if you guys have gone or want to, let me know in the comments). But while riding we realised it’s almost 1 and a half hour away from MOG and we will end up traveling 3 hours and might have to rush last min or might even miss the flight. Hence saved it for next time. We went to Antares, Vagator then.

But due to some renovations there, sea facing seating was closed and I clearly don’t want to sit in a compact space. Since we weren’t even hungry, we thought we’ll skip Antares, walk down the mountain, enjoy sitting on the rocks and just staring at the beach for sometime. And the climate was at its BEST that evening guys, I cannot even tell you how gorgeous it was! Very different from all the beach experiences I’ve had so far. While looking around for sometime, my husband got his eyes on a shack which looked tiny from the place we sat, very tiny.

And we decided to walk to it because that’s the only choice we could see around, also because we just couldn’t leave that beautiful secluded beach with stunning climate that evening. To make the most of all things summed up, we reached there and got to know that it’s another beach in North Goa called “Ozran”. So happy to have explored yet another beach so randomly.

The day to dusk transition just kept getting better and more beautiful. It was an absolute pleasure to have experienced it at absolute calm.

But we had to move from there before it was too dark. With a heavy heart we did move.

Another place I love for eating in Goa is “Thirsty Bear”. I was happy to see it had a branch in Vagator area, I only used to go to the old one traveling an hour for the waffles here. Went there to not miss them. But hey! The day we landed in Goa, one of our well wisher told us that it’s our 143rd day of marraige on Sunday and asked us to celebrate it, we felt so happy because unplanned trip unexpectedly had a special day in it. The last day of trip.

We celebrated the special day! Grabbed some food and moved to the hotel for checkout and to hire a car for Airport transfer.

Booked the car and just before leaving there were some cravings to be filled at the same cute eatery that I mentioned about in previous Goan posts. With that, the trip was complete.

Most of the things we did throughout this trip were unplanned, random, unexpected & impromptu. They all left us happy, speechless and surprised us. Well that’s how we learn and that’s how we grow! Which is why I always believe that WHIMSICAL IS BEAUTIFUL! I can smoothly declare this to be my BEST Goan trip so far.

Many of you asked me if it’s always good to go unplanned. I would say “depends”, depends on your place, budgets, climatic conditions and most importantly the company. After marriage we planned a Goa trip twice, made bookings and had to let go off our hard earned money also once because of a family emergency. After two fails we went, and when we did we experienced the best version of Goa.

We can plan but we might not go & sometimes we don’t plan but we end up going. That’s how even life works! In all deeds, we can only do whatever best we can from our end to people, place, things, career, investments and a lot. Go depressed if things don’t work the way we wanted, but things done with clean will might not work the way we wished to but universe will always have better plans to work in best unexpected ways.

Its Always best to not expect too much in end results & enjoy life just the way it is to experience the most of everything.

Universe has the most unexpected and unexplained ways of making life work for humans with goodness. Always believe in magic! I do! You too? Let me know in the comments below.


Pranavi V Rohith



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  1. Cool!!!! Well narrated such a way feel to visit
    Immeadiately….U try once Andaman beauty also
    Certainly u will enjoy it!!!!!

    Btw, I wish u to celebrate many more romatic days in your life.

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