Go. Goa. Gone! #2

Hey Fam,

I couldn’t Keep you’ll wait for too long to release the next part. So without any further ado, let’s roll into day 2!

We woke up early, had our coffee, spent sometime admiring the view from our balcony. Just Love the the frames palm trees manage to make. So natural, so serene & the oh so fresh! Kinda breeze. All these sum up in fluttering our hearts with happiness!

And then we headed to the same place for breakfast where we went the previous day for dinner (Curlie’s) because we enjoyed the view & the whole night vibe there, we wanted to enjoy the ocean breeze & calmness of the same place for breakfast.

It was so calm, so beautiful, food I’d say was below average compared to the dinner we had there. Avocado shake was on point. Overall we enjoyed the experience more than food. Secluded & Serene!

And then we headed back to the hotel & lazed around for sometime. Then decided to go to Thalassa (another fav of mine) post lunch. But unfortunately it was closed due to off season (which was a little disappointing, I wouldn’t lie). Also I used to love this store “the Flame” which was right at Thalassa entrance (missed shopping there). But to over rule that disappointment, my husband became a bit adventurous & told me “let’s climb up that hill” (which was right next to Anteras, Vagator. This adventure was possible only because we rented a car (the little regret I had of paying more for it just paid off, haha). We could take it half way long, the ride was like a crazy roller coaster. Another half way up, we trekked. After reaching the peak, the view we could experience was absolutely BREATHTAKING! Got to see the most beautiful side of Goa from a hill top in the most perfect climate possible.

And after enjoying the nature at its best for sometime, we headed to my MOOOOOST fav place in Goa. My trips to Goa will never be complete without going there.

I can’t tell you guys more about this heaven of mine because I think the pictures do enough talking & this place always leaves me speechless.

After an amazing evening here, we were little confused about to go clubbing or a sea facing shack. But since we’re both not much into clubbing or partying, we prefer calm & secluded places most times. We decided to go to a shack in Baga beach. But while heading there, a cute little cafe by the road caught our attention. My husband very much knows my likes & dislikes in a very short span. What made us stop by? Look down…

Guessed it? If not, what grabbed our attention instantly was fairy lights & white decors. I just love love love them. It was by a river side, after ordering the food we realised it was another best decision that day, scrumptious food & it has the best “Pina colada” something that I’ve been drooling over since our Bali trip. It reminded us of Bali, best Pina I had in India this was.

We had an awesome date kinda night with great music, ambience, food & great conversations. With all that, soulful kind of experiences throughout the day, we called it off with a fruit platter & called it off a day.

Our last/more moments to cherish that happened on our last day there, I’ll be back with a post soon.

Until then, be happy, keep wandering & always smile bright.


Pranavi Rohith



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