Go. Goa. Gone! #1

Hey Fam,
If you follow me on instagram, you might already be knowing that I have been on a Goa trip recently. It was a mini weekend getaway. My plan was to make blogs on some special or off-beat things we did in this trip (coz yeah yeah, we’ve all seen many blogs like it earlier). But hey! you guys never allow me stick to my plans (which is super duper cool). I received so many messages about how my photographs impressed many of you and inspired another few of you to go hit all the places that I’ve been to, and about my travel itinerary. Firstly, thank you for all those compliments and here’s how it all started to how everything went.

I’m a person who likes and prefers to pre plan my trips (of course to not end up burning my pockets). But I also had a thing on my bucket list, that someday I have to take a trip all of a sudden, just go to the airport and take whatever the next flight is and just fly there. Ssssh! Hold, this wasn’t what was on my list. But very very close to that & way way better. So I’m super happy!

On one fine Thursday, I and my husband were just sitting at home & were chit chatting about few serious things and doing some planning. Amidst all of that conversation, we also realised how busy our last few weeks were, how much of stress he had at work and that wasn’t the right time for any kinda important discussions. It got our minds too heated up. Then on a very light note I whispered “Chuck, let’s go to somewhere”. And he reacted positively “I think yes, we need to unwind”. What happened next was too quick, we checked flights to few places that includes Bangalore, Port Blair & Goa. Since the trip was all about leisure, unwinding & rejuvenate, Goa seemed to be the right choice. But, but but I had exactly 30 minutes to pack, plan some stuff for the next 3 days & almost had to rush to the airport.

Catched an early morning flight (that I ABSOLUTELY love!), and Zoop! We landed in GOA.

Day 1  (Friday):
We took a Taxi from Dabolim Airport to Calangute area where we are familiar with a place at which we can rent a car/bike. Taxi tariff-₹1100 to ₹1500 to North Goa, you can hire one either from the prepaid taxi counter at the airport or right outside the exit gate. We reached Calangute and had a debate on which one to rent. I was voicing for a bike (since that’s the BEST way to explore Goa, also that we already spent a bomb on last min flights, bikes come cheaper). My husband voiced for a car (since safety & comfort are his top most priorities while traveling with me). And he won, we rented this cute coral colored cool i10 grand.

Bikes cost ₹300-500 per day

Car costs ₹1000-1500 per day

Price fluctuation happens due to season & your bargaining skills.

Now again there’s a debate over where to stay at. We both have short listed a few places. Started visiting them and decided to go for the feasible most option. Visited 2-3, we were on our way to another one at Vagator, but on the way my husband got his eyes on a Hotel in Arpora. Looked extremely fancy from outside, again I wasn’t ready to consider that assuming the pricing to be high for it’s exterior standards plus the last min booking. We went ahead to have our breakfast, sit down, then decide.

We went to one of my fav place “Brittos” (wrote a blog on it in 2016, you’ll can check that right here,  http://thepranklan.com/2016/06/23/brunch-at-brittos/ ). My husband didn’t give up on the fancy hotel, meanwhile checked the details. It was priced over INR 5000/- per night. Which sounded decent enough keeping all else in mind. Went ahead & booked it for 3N & 2D. Took a ride back to the hotel, were welcomed with a nice walnut cookie, lunched there, checked in & just crashed on the bed until evening (sleeplessness & flight tiredness hit). “Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton” it was.

Decided to go on a date that evening, all fresh! We chose Curlie’s(another fave of mine at Anjuna Beach). Luckily, early that day at Brittos and evening at Curlie’s we took the exact same table that I used to opt for in all my previous Goan trips (which added as a bonus joy to me). It was an awesome night with good food, pleasent ambience, music, star gazing at the beach, everything summed up to make it a Perfect date.

We both love hot chocolate & that day we were craving for some, so we headed to mcD at Calangute, drink was so much better than what we expected to get from a place like mcD. When in Goa, supermarket shoppings are fun! We went there picked some junk food & coffee. Went back to the hotel & called it a day.

From single to now taken, tables, places, beaches, eateries, lanes, roads, stores, markets, shacks, quirkiness & a lot in Goa remained the same and Authentic. To me(I’m sure for most of you too) Goa isn’t a place, it’s an experience. And with different people & at different ages you visit the state, the experience differs. Goa is Beautiful & serene!
A lot more fun things happened in the rest of my trip. Other posts will be up soon.

Pranavi Rohith

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  1. Lovely detailed narration and have a blast!!!
    Congratulations on romantic trip on romantic day of your married life is 143th day

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