Human detox -how(s) & why(s)?

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Firstly thank you very much for supporting my work consistently & for keeping me going. This post is specially for those of you who asked me to make a philosophical post & for those on insta who Dm’ed me about human equations, how to deal with people when things don’t work or go wrong. Well, this post is for you all. Keep reading!

Happiness is to always have some awesome people to have your back. There’s good & bad in every human being. Won’t you agree? We all agree to disagree or Disagree to agree. Right? Sometimes a beautiful face could be deceiving & sometimes a beautiful heart could be hidden under a not so good looking face. By saying that I’d also like to bring up that there could be people you encounter in life who might seem to be sweet(out of some personal experience, NEVER believe them in the first instance, ever!) but could be fake or could be their real self also & some people with no filter on their tongues could be a soft spongey sweetheart inside. Fair chance of vice versa. Never go by what things appear to be like, rather feel them more, make it a habit.

We must always try & gather as much strength as it takes in to be able to forgive people who ditched us (if they ever realise their mistakes genuinely before it’s too late), never jump into conclusions (gossips as well) based on what you hear from someone or somewhere else. Check, prove, confirm all by yourself(cut down external influences) & then decide. Also don’t be fooled only & only by someone who’s just nice to you because they’ve some hidden agendas or selfish benefits to fetch from you. Without seeing your success, money or beauty( any of these they think will add them to showboat in public also) if someone is nice to you then don’t lose them, if there’s a disturbance then just clear the air. If a person means any zilch to you, go ask them & clear things up. It’s always good to talk (it’s ok to over do it, sometimes) than not doing at all. Results will more often tend to be that you’ll have only a handful or a bunch of people to always hold on to. Celebrate your happiness, accomplishments, milestones, success & joy with. To Sob with you. Who feel & share you’re joy & sorrows. To bring your morale up whenever you’re low. Let the world Judge you, a handful people you can eternally be yourself with, are the best kind of people. Let the entire world see the mask that you’ve put on, but let that little bunch of trust worthy cute clan know what you are when you’re unapologetically you’re true self, off all the filters & masks. Love fully, hate fully, live on the edge, clear foolish crap out of life more often. Coz human detox in our lives are more powerful & important than any other kind of detoxes in life. They say that “when bad things go off your life, good things start to happen” is so true. Helps you grow. It keeps you sane & peaceful. All this in #BhagavadGita is

“daivi hy esa guna-mayi

mama maya duratyaya

mam eva ye prapadyante

mayam etam taranti te”

Always move forward with humans who deserve the true you, leaving the rest at the peace, pray good things for them & move! Human detox IS important.

To conclude this never ending conspiracy in the human race, there’ll always be apprehensions & complications to everything. With all of that, move forward (never look back, never ever! Coz you’ll lose what’s ahead of you), take a deep breath, smile! Smile, at all the things that worked & also at all the things that didn’t. Be SO dangerously happy & spread so many good vibes that no bad vibes can bother you anymore in life. Live life at all extremes, make the most of every moment! Be extremely crazy, real, bold, kind & the beautiful you!

It is also true that life isn’t fair. IT IS NOT! Live the unfair Life fairly & fully. 🌈


Pranavi Rohith




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