C/O Kancharapalem

Dear Fam,

Another proud gem of an addition to Telugu cinema is C/O Kancharapalem.
An Eternity later I’m reviewing a film. A handful films this year were pretty impressive but C/O Kancharapalem blew my mind like………… BANG!
BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! & BRILLIAAAANT Film! Best of all the films I watched in the recent past.

Firstly take a Bow for such wonderful narration, writing, story telling skills, visuals, performances, music & literally Everything that made this movie so beautiful. It was made with such honesty, talents, true love & passion for cinema. All the hard work just clearly shows up on silver screen.
I just cannot review this film without praising it while my heart gently applauds deep inside! (So please bear with it, I can only promise you that it’s all worth it).

I Love the way Mr. Venkatesh Maha, the director & real hero drumroll behind this masterpiece swiftly takes you into this little village “Kancharapalem” near Visakhapatnam, AP in the first 15-20 minutes of the film. You can totally feel that you’re actually there, peeping into the entire village and seeing their real lives, now that’s how beautiful structuring & establishment of screen writing is done (take some notes, haha!).
Everything you see after the start and character establishment is absolutely Authentic & Real. Four love stories that parallely run on the screen without getting chaotic or complicated at any point is what impresses and keeps the audience hooked to the screen. Until the pre climax, audience will have NO clue about how all these stories conclude. Suspense was kept alive until the very last, unexpected climax will make people voot, clap and even give standing ovation. Yes! All the hype for C/O Kancharapalem is definitely worth it. And No! I’m not gonna reveal any story here in my blog (unlike how i give a gist/overview of other films), just because I want all my readers to go watch & enjoy this film.
More than calling it a film, I would love to call this film as “an experience”. So hey you all, go experience this “Big Small Cinema” only on the silver screen to feel the best of it.

I couldn’t watch this film on the weekend because I was on my mini trip to Goa, so wait for the Goan blogs too. Meanwhile, thanks to all my friends & colleagues who scolded, blackmailed and even requested me to go watch this movie apparently. Didn’t take them seriously when they said there’s a lot to learn from this(as I’m taking my baby steps into screen writing), and yes I did learn a LOT! Also thanks to Mr. Tharun Bhascker Dhassyam for saying how amazing this film is gonna be & why one shouldn’t miss it in one of his interviews, I added this one on my watch list the very same day, got a chance to experience it today & just couldn’t stop myself from writing this blog post.
One word to sum up the entire experience, RAW!
Pranavi Rohith

4 thoughts on “C/O Kancharapalem

  1. Hey yo.. i like the way
    How yuh describe about story including each & every pinch detail in it ✌️

    I’m guessing may be you should also start a YouTube reviews channel as there isn’t one for this kinda stuff ✌️
    #GoodLuck #KeepBlogging & don’t step back when there r hurdles

  2. ” More than calling it a film, I would love to call this film an experience”. Wow! what an analysis…Great review. Thanks for supporting good cinema.

    1. Thank you very much. With your constant encouragement I hope to write better & more. Always ALWAYS will voice for good cinema

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