Destiny invasion #AllThatiEverWanted

Dear Fam,

I’ve always believed in magic! For me, it started when I was a little girl who loved reading fairy tales & admiring all those princesses who were described so beautifully as women with good deeds, clean heart & fabulous souls. Every girl dreams of that “Mister Perfect” of their respective definitions. Just like that I have always had my own. Never really wanted a Prince Charming riding those horses like a royal but someone who’d have a list of things I wanted (& the list went long as I grew up, lol).

Also when I grew up, I started to work at an early age. With some career choices(unexpected) & right opportunities, I was an entrepreneur at 19! Soon after my graduation, few of my closest friends started to get married(arranged, of course). Listening to the stories of how they had to go through few indifferences, discomforts & lack of communication, my take on arranged marriages became neutral wherein the respect used to be too high before. A couple of years passed by & a few more friends got married(this time love marriages also happened), now this bunch shared their experiences too, on the contrary they suffered excessive communication & Liberty, they’ve had lot of issues to combat with family but love between the two remained or got stronger in some cases. So at a point I felt like it’s always best to marry someone you love because you can never be sure if love can happen after the marraige or not. And a lot of love stories influenced me that inclined me towards voicing on love marriage in some fun debates. But I ended up indulging myself in some super fun projects & my greatest love affair growing up was my work, I was having fun.

But then in India, the so called “society” will never let you live at peace, specially for a female the hunt is always on & the eyes always gaze. Even if your parents don’t pester you to get married, these people will constantly pester them to start pestering you. But my parents were too kind to allow me for 2 more years at 22 when this discussion came up. And I this time decided to make the most of this timeline, not just work hard but also to travel, fulfil my wishlist (atleast make one & begin to), understand myself & most importantly learn to be happy even at sorrows. Because when someone can’t be happy with themselves, they can never keep their partner or a family happy is what my best friend taught me. Travel made me experience a state of complete freedom. Also Coz life ain’t easy, there was some chaos, seen people who take full advantage of success, mischief mongers, fake ones on the other hand some beautiful ones, gurus, genuine ones, fantastic friends, colleagues who are now a family. With all of this, time just flew. And now I had to face the marraige discussion yet again.

This is exactly when I decided to have a career switch too. Though fashion & styling came into my life very unexpectedly, I found something I really love doing (bridged that through what I’ve been doing already). Since my parents have always been their bestest best in bringing me up, I could happily agree to what they think is best for me. Agreed to start to see the “rishta(s)” they’ve short listed for me. And yes very traditionally the first “Pellichupulu” happened. I wore this blue saree!

And snoopies under it, haha!

And the family came to my home to see me. I was too nervous to see all the new faces. Shit scared too! Then we were asked to go upstairs & try knowing each other  for sometime. What impressed me the most: 1. The moment the guy stood up(I always wanted someone to tower me over), 2. The conversation went on & on(we clicked just too well with similar aspirations) 3. His mother(who’s now my mother-in-law) vibed very well & is a sweetheart, 4. Rest of the family with nice mannerisms.

I then thought, When i found someone with #AllthatiEverWanted why see other rishta(s) further? So it was a yes! 10-15 days post that we got engaged, in less than 2 months we were married. And now, close to 5 months of marraige, I can swiftly say that yes love can happen in arranged marriages too, just need to be lucky enough to find the right hooman.

Oh so I later came to know that my then stranger & now husband is obsessed about the colour “blue”, is the colour he’s seen me for the first time in!

Q: How much are we now in love?


We had a series of events of our dream like wedding, I shall be posting them soon!

Until then, stay happy, work hard & always believe “In life, we won’t get what we want. We only get what we deserve” which in Bhagavadgita is “Yadh bhavam tadh bhavati”


Pranavi Rohith.


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  1. It’s heartouch)*words dear PranVRohith… Nd little bit cinematic also but anyway you both are amazing, keep going, obviously you said facts nd universal truth last few lines … and it’s great be happy, be a traveler enjoy enjoy enjoy All the best you Both PR)…
    with lots love Nd Respect ✊☺️…

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