Roll Over the Rolls

Dear Fam,

If we’re what we eat… Well, I am awefully sweet. Because, I’ve a sweet tooth! Desserts have that super power of making everything better. I’ve a list of places I go to when life’s on a ride (small or big), I make sure I bounce back as soon as possible to my happy life. I give zero space for any lows to creep in, but you know? Life’s no easy! All we gotta do it take shit with a granule of salt & cherish the best that life has in store. KEY that is!

Yesterday, on my way to office, I found this newly inaugurated dessert store at road no.12, Banjara Hills named “Roll Over”. It looked interesting & I being a big time foodie wanted to check the place out. So I scheduled the visit for today, I’m in total “awe” with this place. 😍

They’ve a lovely variety of ice cream rolls & other interesting menu. But I wanted to try the rolls out because after my Thailand’s visit, I never got to try them here. So I ordered for a “pineapple, cheese & cherry” rolls. They taste just like the ones I had in the streets of Thailand, infact better.

 There’s a space where they stocked some board games, so just in case if you go there with your gang, you can have some great time rolling over some dice & desserts.

Since it’s a new space, the store manager surprised me with this mud cake in a jar. It tastes really really good. I recommend you all to visit this place if you’re dessert porn like me, if you do, let me know how you like it.

Among the many therapies, food & retail will always top the list.

Stay Happy, always!


Pranavi 😊


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