A Real Rockstar

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Film “Rockstar” was and will always stay the closest to me. Imtiaz Ali’s masterpiece has it ALL deep, barring monotonous mindsets. Truly path breaking & intensity goes deeper as we dig the characterisations, screenplay & shot compositions more.

The story begins with the naive Janardhan Jakhar(Ranbir Kapoor) who’s a Delhi college student aspiring to be a rockstar like Jim Morrison, looked seamlessly as the character and not a zilch himself while playing the role. He did justice to all the variations and layers this character had. This movie is ALL about DETAILING. Ranbir is a show stealer, hands down!

In the movie Ranbir is advised “to be that true blue artist & a rockstar”, he has to undergo pain that’ll come through a heartbreak. His yearning for heartbreak gets him close to Heer(Nargis Fakhri), as they bond over soft porn cinema and country liquor.

Soon after the girl is married to some NRI, the boy is thrown out of his house, he seeks solace in a Dargah and next you know that he’s the singing sensation rechristened as Jordan.

His foreign tour reunites him with Heer and their passive passion rekindles until Jordan is obsessed with her.

Heer suffers from health issues & her state gets better, hail & happier whenever she’s with Jordan. But knowing that she’s married to a man already, she keeps pushing him away despite having deep-rooted love for him. She chooses to maintain the vacuum.

The movie was released on 11-11-11. Watching this movie is purely the best experience ever, no matter how many times, I can still watch it and not get bored even in a single frame. Rockstar is an excellently lit, fantastically musical & a brilliantly well composed film! (I still wonder why it’s so under rated).

Not many people know that the story of rockstar was inspired by a quote in Rumi, “out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there’s a field. I will meet you there”. Honest, complicated & deep! ❤️

Imtiaz Ali is known for “old wine in new bottle” drama. The storytelling of rockstar is intensively intricate.

Here’s a toast to encouraging “good cinema”, a few films get rewards & a few get awards, the most lucky ones end up getting both. A few films flunk at the box office, but NONE of it can stop the film from winning hearts.

A few films entertain you, a few stay with you for days & months, but films like “Rockstar” stay with you for as long as forever.

Cheers to 6 years of “Rockstar”.


Pranavi Varma


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