Happy birthday Mr. Inspiration

Hey Fam,

Inspiration to me & millions, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. A ruler, quite literally! Let’s see why…

A man who knows how to rule. Rule his own life by believeing in what he truly wanted to be, by striving super hard in his beliefs, be it his personal or professional life, he has OWNED it all.

Of course we all have dreams, we all dream of different things in life. But only a very few will end up achieving them. Reasons could be many, but we sometimes fail, we might think reasons could be lack of opportunities, money, other attributes or what so ever. But the major reason would actually be because we lack consistency. We might fight equally or more hard to get there, be less or more talented in fact, but a few would dare to stand up and fight against all odds, risk lives, take up challenges & we give up. We will in the end be left with only reasons.

But my dear(s), it’s always better to fight, fall down, lose the battle of our beliefs rather than losing the battle of “Life”. That battle has to be fought for as long as forever sometimes, we will at least end up winning dreams. That’s satisfactory & the biggest victory, ever!

A Delhi boy, without any film-industry background, without any financial support & none to hold his back at times has dreamt of ruling the biggest industry this country has, “Bollywood” as we call it. He dreamt of getting there with all that he has, courage, consistency & dreams. Nothing else when he started off to becoming the biggest super star of the nation, owning one of the most beautiful houses of India “Mannat” & owning many many hearts.

Dreams can quite literally be turned in to reality. It’s all about energies and cosmos in the end. “Grind, hustle & gain is the key!”

This man has broken all the monotonies, nepotism,  rules by understanding the concept of learning & unlearning on point.

Getting married at very young despite knowing it’d be tough for a married actor to get roles, just to make his love a part of his life, no matter what! And sticking by that one girl he loved & now has a beautiful family.

Understanding friendships & logistics. Believing in Ethics & morals. Most importantly keeping them going forever & beyond. ❤️


“Blackmail your present, to ruin a beautiful future”. -SRK (Dear Zindagi).

Post delivering the biggest hit of Indian Cinema(DDLJ), a lot of super hits, block busters and a few flops as well. He has been choosing to do the roles of his choice, not getting too intimate on screen, not raising hands on women & children on screen. He still managed to own every moment of his presence on screen remembered.

With all the laughter & chaos, ups & downs, personality pros & cons, this man has become “The King Khan” and continuing to be one…

He is self made. That’s inspiring to the world.

More power to all the strong souls & to SRK!

Wishing Mr. SRK a very happy 52th birthday.


Pranavi Varma Rathod


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