Celebrate Diwali with a twist!

Hey Fam,

Firstly, NO this isn’t a Diwali outfit/style post.

Diwali is here, so why not celebrate it with a twist.

So hold your breath, but don’t choke 😉🙈

This Diwali I decided to invest in myself and my loved ones rather than burning up my hard earned money on smoke, yeah it’s a cracker free Diwali. Probably one of the best way(s) to celebrate this Festival of Lights and your life as well.

Now you folks must be wondering “how?”. Well, don’t panic. Just invest in the things you’ve always wanted to buy or do or trips you wanted to take etc.

Treat yourself with your favourite cuisines, mine is Sushi, Lebanese, Continental, Oriental & Indian. What’s yours?

A barbecue lunch with friends!

And there’s always room for Desserts. Not guilty coz sweet tooth after all! 😄

Pamper yourself with a nice spa treatment. Helps you to also Relax & Rejuvinate!

Get yourself a gym/dance/Pilates or any fitness membership. Stay fit & look your stylish best in the best body!


Jazz up your favourite corner in the house or office by getting some good interiors and decorate your places at its beautiful best inorder to feel good every damn day.

Invite your girlfriends or gangs home, have a nice house party, spend some quality time with your loved ones, spread love & bond over some great food, play games & remember life’s too short to miss out on fun. 😉 *wink*

And if possible, gift yourself a nice trip or a mini weekend get away. Coz nothing can give you the eternal happiness like Traveling with OUR people. ❤️ Travel is the best gift you can give yourself if you ask me! 💝😄

Please don’t waste your money on crackers that’ll just burn for some time, then turn into smoke & in return your money will just go into the trash the very next day. I’ve realised this over the years now. Instead spend your money on what you love, it’s HARD EARNED after all.

Celebrate not just Diwali, but everyday of your life, do things you like, buy things you want (life’s too boring for savings yet), spark up your faces with a bright smile coz Life’s too short for regrets.

Be young, wild & crazy.

“If you were never young & crazy, you can never be old and wise”. -Ayan Mukherjee(Yeh Jawani hai Deewani)

This Diwali say NO to Crackers. No to pollution. No harming animals. No noise. Spread peace & make this world a better place.

*****HAPPY DIWALI*****



Pranavi Varma Rathod


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Diwali with a twist!

  1. Really yummy!!!! Feel to avoid to crackers on Diwali day!!!! Nice efforts for the good cause.
    Nicely described to make everyday Diwali!!!!

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