For the love of WHITE!

Hello Fam!

Hope you’ll are doing great. 😇

So last weekend I had to attend an engagement after  a long super exhausting 48 hours of work, hardly some sleep (sleep deprivation 🙈). But since it was my dearest one(s) event, I couldn’t skip attending.

I was in no mood to wear a half saree, saree, anarkhali or anything of that sort. Though I love to play dress up, I just couldn’t due to lack of patience, energy and most importantly time.

“White is ethereal, there’s a purity to it.”

Therefore I decided to play with things in my wardrobe, team a few things together to create an easy-breezy and super comfortable look.

Tip: Whenever you’re confused/running off time/no patience, blindly swear by putting all that you love together.

I did exactly that, WHITE as my entire clan know already is my absolute favourite. It’s been my colour code for birthday(s) for 7-8 years now.

I’ve an A-line white cotton dress with some embroidery at the neckline and a collar, also subtle silver dotted all over print. I chose that dress to team it with an Ikat cotton lehenga in grey and black. Added silver choker and jhumkas, left my hair to air dry. I was all set-to-go!


I chose white coz it’d greatly help my mood be cool and on point! Everything in cotton fabric coz it’s so light that I can even FLY (just kidding!😉).


Look at yourself as a colour. You may not  be everyone’s favourite colour but believe me, one day you’ll meet someone who would need you to complete their picture.


Pranavi Varma

2 thoughts on “For the love of WHITE!

  1. Idi chadivaka Ninnu Paala pitta to compare cheyalanukunna kani chinna doubt.. paalu tellaga vuntay. Paala pitta Leta neeli rangulo vuntundi.
    Asalu tellaga vunde pavuraniki Paala pitta ani enduku pettaledo..?

    1. Pavuram shanti ki nirvachanam, palla pitta gunalu veru. Tellaga una pittalu prapancham lo inkeno unai. Vati vati swabhavalu veru, anduke ani perulu jaatulu. Kani vatiki unavi kuda aatma le. Aatma aniti kante goppa di.

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