Fairytale Wedding #ChaySam

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Having a fancy head that I do, I LOVE fairytales but living in a world like this, I often wondered if “And they lived happily ever after…” could ever happen in real? And thank god! This couple just proved me and my belief that YES, magic can happen indeed.
So I decided to dedicate this blog admiring the newly wed & their dream wedding, coz I’m in AWE with these two! 😇❤️😍

“Prapancham lo intha mandi amailu undaga, nenu Jessie ne enduku preminchanu?” (despite so many girls in this world, why did I love Jessie?)

Sometimes I look at them and wonder “How can a couple be SOOOO cute in love?”

From their debut film “Em maya chesave” where Sam(Jessie) & NC(Karthik) fall deeply in love despite so many differences like age, professions, castes, communities etc., the characters in the film stand strong against all the odds and end up winning each other and stay intact together, forever.

Just like any other relationship, I’m sure this couple must’ve gone through a roller coaster ride from their first film together to now getting hitched.

EVERY/ANY relationship in this world isn’t easy, we all have our own share of eternal joy(s) and disagreement(s) on flip side. While it might often happen with our own people like parents, siblings, family & friends. A life partner(guy/girl) in our lives are no exception. It’s obvious! So now, what do we do?

Solution is quite simple. Just respect, understand, love and above all accept each other with all the flaws, coz imperfection is beautiful and it’s human. Grip your partner and hold tight if you ever vibe along with someone, coz that’s such a rare phenomena. Genuinely express(not to impress) yourself, get it, win it, keep it safe, transparent & make it yours forever.

They say that “Love is the only weapon/key to win anything and everything in the universe”, trust them coz they’re right! Plus love in any form can be your ultimate strength to achieve/be anything that you wish to in life.

This couple is an epitome of real romance, love, PDA, cuteness and lot more. They won us all over!

Let’s take a bow to their fairytale “and they lived happily ever after…” and congragulate the most adorable newly wed. Do send good vibes & wishes all their way.

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P.S: This is too good to be true ❤️! #ChaySam


~Pranavi Varma

2 thoughts on “Fairytale Wedding #ChaySam

  1. Don’t we love reading such lovey-dovey happenings!
    I’m compelled to reiterate the fact that there’s tremendous abundance in this universe. I’m a firm believer that not only a few like ChaySam are lucky to find such soul-love but each one of us can experience the same, if not more.
    The secret lies within us and our believes. You get what you believe in.
    Because LOVE is the highest form of energy that one can vibe out. (:

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