Her smile is an armour!

Hello fam!

After intensely analysing life, I realised that life is only meant to be lived truly and totally, and to fight the battle called “life”,  there’s only one weapon “a pure, wholehearted SMILE”.

Life can never mock you down if you’re a warrior, it can only be better each time it mocks you down. Get up and fight! Fight not with anyone nor with self. But fight only and only for “nirvana”.

Each time you fall, don’t wait for anyone/therapy to pick you up, coz you can do it the best way by doing it yourself and trust me, each time you do it, you bounce back stronger than ever before.

And not to forget, it’s amazing how an outfit can spark up your mood. It was just a casual work OOTD! When your in no mood to dress up but have to put your best foot forward, be it casual or occasional, an all black is always an answer, yaay!

I wore a black tank top and trousers and textured black shoes, but to give your statement, you can always wear a slouchy shirt over it(plus jazz up some accessories if you’re in a mood to) and you’re good to go.

“Her smile was like an amour and everyday she went to war”.


Pranavi Varma 😉

29 thoughts on “Her smile is an armour!

  1. Excellent pranavi. I believe it 100%. But how to smile all the time ?? Is the issue.
    Apart from dress code,. Have or establish a good atmosphere like gud friends or circle n good environment either in ofc or in your own place where u reside in the best of health I personally experience
    Really really once fulfilled these one certainly can smile ever to achieve goals..
    The question is how to select them it is only in the hands of self… Lyk many things to to share… A
    Answer for all these… PL visit our house. M u really feel for it
    All the best!!!!*

    1. You’re questioning of how to stay happy and smile all the time will be answered soon in another blog, stay glued!

  2. A very good article to read through and find an essence out of it. May I know which place is it that u clicked pictures, I mean the location.
    Thank You

  3. Excellent article which makes sense from each word
    Great work SiS
    What ever u do is an encouragement for me
    Ur smile is attraction to ur face,
    Keep Smiling akka❤️✊️

  4. Very well written Pranu. I was able to connect to this especially because even I’m going through this phase of self-realisation. After all, of what use is life when you don’t try to make the most of it!
    Here’s me sending some good thoughts your way! (:

    1. Since you could relate, I hope this helped you in some way or made you feel better. Be a warrior and win all the battles and slay smiling! Thanks Udie

    2. Thank you so much Udie Good to know you’re in that phase and hope you achieve it entirely asap. World needs positive & loving people, let’s make it a better place Slay smiling bestie!

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