Dear Zindagi


    This is the story of Kaira, a budding Director/Cinematographer in search of perfect life. A chance encounter with Jug, an unconventional thinker, helps her gain new perspective about life. She discovers that happiness is all about finding comfort in life’s imperfections. 


Four years after her much-appreciated debut with English Vinglish, the filmmaker Gauri Shinde is back with another female protagonist-centred story that aims to unsettle cliches in our judgemental society – Dear Zindagi.


Starring Alia Bhatt as the lead and Shah Rukh Khan as her psychiatrist, Dear Zindagi is about Kaira (Alia) – an aspiring cinematographer who does small ads and projects but wants to shoot an entire feature film. The introductory sequence – with Kaira’s confident banter and hands-on body language – assures us that she is truly talented and knows her job well. However, when she is offered a big break in a feature film, she is not sure if it is because of her talent or because one of the co-producers finds her hot. This co-producer, Raghavendra (Kunal Kapoor), is also the one with whom Kaira is cheating on her current love, Sid (Angad Bedi).


Soon, we get to know Kaira and her problems – a career woman who isn’t sure whether she should thank her talent or looks for the opportunities and one who is dealing with a heart break after a guy ditched her for another girl. Rendered homeless after her landlord asks her to vacate because “she is single”, she decides to move to her home town, Goa. Since she shares a rather tense relationship with her parents, it makes her all the more sad at the thought of living with them. Sounds relatable. To deal with it all, Kaira decides to meet a ‘dimag ka doctor aka DD’. .


Enter Shah Rukh Khan and the frame lights up with his charm and charisma. Shah Rukh as a psychiatrist is caring, charming and witty. The movie then traces Kaira’s sessions with Dr Jehangir Khan aka Jug who doles out gyan on life, handling relationship, dealing with one’s feelings, staying happy and much more.



The film also brings another milestone in Bollywood cinema with almost the entire story being set within a psychiatrist’s sessions – breaking cliches of facing a mental illness. And the best part is that Kaira isn’t even depressed, she simply visits the therapist because she couldn’t sleep for three days.


While Aditya, Kunal and Ali Zafar, who appear as her lovers or boyfriends, are more of guest actors than properly etched characters, it’s Kunal Kapoor who gets an edge among the youngsters and essays his part with finesse. Shah Rukh Khan brings his experience and charm to the role and makes Jug memorable with his wits.


    I love those glasses that Jug makes out of cycle scratch, *Super Cute* 🙂

Amit Trivedi’s music is light and breezy, keeping in tune with the way the film has been shot. Love You Zindagi is a likeable earworm.

“Genius is about knowing when to stop” says Jug, is one of the film’s best scenes.


‘Dear Zindagi’ talks about the beauty of life and how one can live without any complications. It’s that gentle but powerful message, sure to resonate in a society that much too often encourages suppression, that gives “Dear Zindagi” its substance — and transforms it into a genuine crowdpleaser. Sincere, intelligent and moving, it’s a welcome way to cap off a year in which we could all use a little solace like this.


Gauri Shinde has wooed the audience with her debut “English Vinglish”  & this time she moved the audience emotionally, mentally and completely with “Dear Zindagi”. She is one of the most amazing storytellers of our time.

All those struggling, hardworking, independent, young & beautiful women out there will surely connect to the protagonist- Karia. Strong woman do fall weak at times, seek for some emotional support & those bold ladies are the ones to carry the heart on their sleeve.

    Dear Zindagi scores a few brownie points on the emotion front.

~Pranavi Rathod

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  1. So true n to the point review Pranavi!
    It was a visual, emotional and mental treat watching this movie!
    and I loved the way Gauri Shinde gave amazing life mantras in such a light hearted way!

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