Diary of a Semi Health Nut!

Hello everyone, I’m Semi-Health Nut 🙂

I finally found a perfect synonym for myself. Woohoo! Like most of you have mood fluctuations, I strangely have food fluctuations. I love too many dishes & in different cuisines. Most on earth eat to live, but I live to eat.    ^_^

When someone asks me “what’s your favourite dish?” Trust me, it’s so so so hard to name one. I do have a lot of favourites, when I’m still forced to answer, I end up saying what I’m in a mood to eat at that particular time.    :p

Food plays a prominent role in my life, despite of having so much hogging & craving, I’m also very conscious of my health. Like many other girls out there, I do care about my skin & body. And that’s exactly why I’m a semi-health nut. I eat whatever I want, but what’s more important is to balance it.

Here are a few ways I own to balance my food.

13460773_516469251886435_910161042_oBreakfast followed by a pomegranate juice.

13517792_518232811710079_1945111978_oSome yum confectioneries.


13517849_518232511710109_284447521_o(Venue: The Lalit, Mumbai)

Pancakes with fresh fruits & whipped cream. Oh so yummy waffles with choco chips & almonds. Some confectionery for carbs.

13509521_518232475043446_785660878_o(Made by myself)

13523813_518232848376742_316519436_o(Venue: The Park, Chennai)

13509618_518232531710107_91190786_o(Venue: The Park, Hyderabad)

This will always remain my favourite breakfast as it includes steamed veggies, nuts, proteins & a fruit juice. Don’t stick to recipes while making your veg salads. Try on new, break the stereotypes, add your fav veggies, topping, spices & hog on!

13509572_518232445043449_122974944_o(Venue: Santosh Dhaba, Hyderabad)

“Methi chaman” & “Palak paneer” are the happy ways of indulging in green leafy veggies along with roti or a naan. Paratas(specially aloo, methi or gobi) are great for breakfast too!


13517969_518232838376743_697571242_o(Venue: The Lalit, Mumbai)

And here are some of my most favourite desserts. I’ll never compromise with brownies and cakes but to compensate I add some fresh fruits.   🙂

Until next time, STAY HEALTHY, STAY FIT & HOG ON!

~Pranavi Rathod

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