Brunch at Brittos!

    When i was in Goa, this place was a must go to every morning for breakfast(technically it used to be our brunch). Brittos is actually a shack, but its too fancy for that. The doodles, cartoon sketches, some graffiti on it’s walls & the DIY decors make this place interesting & the ambience just gleams up the spirit. It’s on the Baga beach, North Goa. It has some heavenly desserts & sea food platters.
      As I entered the place, the entire outlook made me so happy along with the heavenly home made desserts on display(So Delicious!) & the lovely beach on front. The shack was so empty(coz, i hate crowd) that i love it even more except for the edge of it facing the sea had a few groups brunching in(Nevermind!).
    I love Goa coz I loooove seafood. Brittos has some amazing delicacies.
      “The Crab Cakes”. One seafood meal that’s particularly healthy is crab meat, it is low in fat & calories, It is very healthy for your heart, high in protein, no carbs makeup. And when the super healthy crab meat is baked to perfection with some italian herbs & veggies, stuffed in crab shell & cutely presented, toothsome! 🙂
      And when I wanted to try on different seafood, i ordered for the seafood platter which included grilled fish, alfredo prawns, Calamari(squids), Mussels, butter garlic sauce(Oh, i love it!), served with fries and salad. We also ordered another fav of mine which is the mashed & baked potato which was served as scoops topped with loads of cheese. 🙂 All of them were on point & yummy!
      On the last day of my vacation in Goa, I suddenly realised how much seafood, junk & desserts i was eating the entire time, so then with the pointless realisation which hit me, i decided to brunch healthy that day. Ordered for some baked lemon cheesecake along with the raisin & muesli milkshake.
      “The Strawberry Tart”. This was probably the best of all there! Super Scrumptious! 
      Brittos shall surely be one of my favourite eateries in Goa. Watch the space for more.
~Pranavi Rathod

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